Details, details

This was going to be it.  The week that we made real progress in the back yard.  First step:  bringing in truckloads of dirt to level everything out.


Then it rained.  Dirt turned to mud.  Plans were scratched.  There may have been weeping and gnashing of teeth.  It’s just my personal, biased opinion, but I do not believe that any mom should have to endure more than one summer with a dirt yard.

Hmmm… whatever should we do with our time?  Luckily, we had about 237,985 other things to be doing around this place.

We decided to make some headway on the last touches of the bathroom project.  The biggest of which was hooking up the farmhouse sink.

A little about the sink:

1) It was free

2) It was slightly broken (the seals were dried up and cracked, causing it to leak)

3) It was DIRTY- a 100 years of dirt, paint and rust

4) Because of the above reasons (cheap/free, broken and neglected), it was our dream sink.




Lance was able to replace the broken seals, and I gave my elbows a serious workout trying to get the porcelain clean.  Lemon juice and salt, CLR, Ajax, etc, etc.  It’s not perfect, but that’s ok.  It’s much, much, much better.


Soaking calcium deposits off in CLR. It worked!


After it was operational and clean, the next task was retrofitting this ugly cabinet I got for $60, to be a super stylish sink cabinet.  We put 3 coats of black paint on it, cut the top off and took out (temporarily) the top drawer.  IMG_2090.JPG

Of course, those door and drawer pulls had to go, so off to Home Depot I went…. NOT!

Instead I went to the antique store on the corner, where they sell vintage chrome hardware for a dollar.


While I was there, I picked up an old soap tray for the tub, and what MAY have been an old chamber pot…


After more cleaning, touching up and unpacking my bathroom things… I’m almost ready for the big bathroom reveal… but not quite yet.