Almost ready for winter

We continue to scurry around, preparing this old house for its 125th winter. A third side of the main level is painted. We did not get the back side painted, but that’s ok. We really did our best. I am proud of my hard work! I am confident that I did things “the right way.” I just can’t wait to wrap up the painting next year so that the complete finished project can be taken in.

Lance is in the midst of the most invasive repair we have had to do so far. Our main floor laundry room’s dryer vent caused much of a box sill to rot, even into the tresses of the floor. He had to get all of the rotten wood out and then sister in new joists. Another reason why being handy when you own an old house is almost a must. We hope to finish up that repair this weekend. Here are the “so far” pictures:



I will close with a quote I found tonight that sums up my feeling about living in this old house. I feel as though it is not solely mine, but really does belong to those who built it, lived in it, cared for it and loved it through the years. Without them, it would not be here for my family to enjoy today. We are taking care of her now, so that some day a new family can walk through the door and begin making memories of their own.

“Old buildings are not ours. They belong, partly to those who built them, and partly to the generations of mankind who are to follow us. The dead still have their right in them: That which they labored for . . . we have no right to obliterate.” “What we ourselves have built, we are at liberty to throw down. But what other men gave their strength, and wealth, and life to accomplish, their right over it does not pass away with their death . . .” by John Ruskin 1849, “The Seven Lamps of Architecture” chapter 6