A Little Room

I am celebrating having one room of the house done.  Done, done.   Many rooms of the house are almost there, but all except for this one are waiting either total rennovations, or for finishing touches.  But Claire’s room, also the smallest room of the house (except for the butler’s pantry and soon-to-be powder room, is the first to be completed.

I would love to know what it was first used for, all of those years ago in 1889 when this place was built.  I am guessing either a maid’s room or a baby’s room.

Here is a picture of some walpaper we uncovered.. making it obvious that at one time, there was certainly a baby that lived here:


Does anyone know of how old this walpaper might be? One layer of paper peeled right off, leaving this inalmost perfect condition. It is actually still under 3 out of 4 walls.

Claire was assigned the small room because we felt like Fisher and Holland needed the bigger bedrooms to house their play things (lego table, play kitchen).  Claire’s interests include mostly making lists in notebooks, drawing, keeping a diary, or doing other craft projects.  And so, it seemed that she was most suited for the little room.

It may be little, but I do love it and all  of its smallness.  The floor-to-ceiling window, the dramatically slanted wall in the corner, all have the makings of ultimate cozy-ness.  The biggest problem, no doubt, is the lack of a closet.  This has been weighing on me for a long time.  How long will it work for Claire and Holland to share a closet?  I knew if there was one store to have a solution to my problem, it would be IKEA.  On our recent trip up North, I found the perfect thing:


For $40, we got this thing- space for display, a rod for hanging clothes and pegs for scarves and belts. It’s just what we needed.

The other find in the twin cities came from Bauer Brother’s Salvage in Minneapolis.  For $35, this old little white locker was ours.  It was the perfect little thing to add to her room- space for her to store her backpack and hoodies.





Opposite of her bed sits her desk and shelves, also from IKEA.  Curtains are, you guessed it, from IKEA as well.20150904-210524.jpg

And here’s a look at her bed.  The bed itself is a craigslist find.  for $20, we got just what I was hoping to find.  I love it because it sits up really high, allowing us to keep 4 laundry baskets underneath.  One for shoes, one for pjs, one for leotards and sports equipment and one for dirty laundry.

Next to the bed is a little night table that used to belong to my mom.  On top of the bed is a quilt, hand stitched by Claire’s Great-Great Grandma out of dresses that she, my grandma and great aunts wore.  My friend’s mother, a master quilter, recently repaired and restored it for me.  I will be doing a post on this later.  It is a treasure.  The small quilt on top of it is a quilt that her Great- grandma made my husband when he was born.  Another treasure.

Even though it is small, Claire’s room is one of my favorite in the house.  It looks so warm and cozy and is bursting with personality.  I love how we have blended vintage treasures with new, modern inexpensive items.

Some day, this little space will be a wonderful office, but I don’t even want to THINK about that day right now.  Now, when I climb to the top of the stairs, the warm, cozy glow that comes from this room makes me so happy- just like the little girl that has made it her own.