Remember Old School??

A little over two years ago, we purchased a Stick Victorian that was undercover.  Here is what it looked like:


It was hiding behind a giant Weeping Willow and underneath two layers of siding.  The original columns were hiding inside square columns added perhaps in the 1960s.

One of the happiest moments of our restoration careers was uncovering the original columns and siding:




Here is a 1950s photo of the house… Isn’t it crazy what the years can do to a place?

Here is what the house looked like tonight:

In the next few months we hope to replace the missing headers above the windows and paint the house.  We will be adding upper and lower railings, but not sure we will get that done before the snow flies.

We are still uncertain of a color scheme… input is welcome!



Here are a few BEFORE inside shots:


And here is how it looks tonight.


Demo is done.  The plaster is gone.  The new window sills are in and the old windows will be restored.  Looking at this place all stripped down made me a little emotional tonight.  This is our first big project.  We have spent a ton of time up here, sorting through the old, figuring out what to save, what to change, and how to respect this place and make it shine again.

The drywallers come tomorrow.  It’s time to put the place back together.  Time for a different kind of fun to begin!