Thanksgiving at Home

The Fall of 2016 continues to move ahead at break-neck speed.  I cannot believe that Christmas is now a month away.

Today we took a little breather and put our own house back together.  Cleaned it, rearranged furniture in a couple of rooms, hung up that clock that fell off the wall a couple weeks ago, etc.

We did this because we got to host Thanksgiving this year.  It felt good to put our old house to use and to fill it with warmth, good food, laughter and thankfulness.  We put the extra leaves in the dining room table, got out the silver and the china and set up a kid’s table in the kitchen.   It felt like the house rose to the occasion.  It felt like it was saying, “this is what I am here for.  I exist to provide shelter and nourishment to the ones you love.  To create memories.  To look pretty.  To give you a place to rest.”


Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks for visiting!