An apartment for rent

We have finished the main level of Old School and it is ready to receive its first tenant next week!

Would you like a tour?


The outside entrance.  Clearly it is not perfect, or in its finished state.  But it is stable.  The porch floor is level and we put in new boards where needed.  We removed two layers of cement board and fiber board siding.  In the Spring, we will paint and make more repairs.  For now, I just scrubbed the porch siding to get all the dirt off and it made a huge difference!

The Kitchen

Before: The kitchen had dated 70s lighting, 5o year old red carpeting (!!!), grimy cabinets, and quality, yet dated appliances.

What we did:  Paint the walls and soffit, replace the sconces with $20 Menards sconces, scrub the cabinets and hardware, replace leaky faucet, put in Craigslist dishwasher, spray paint chandelier “oil-rubbed bronze, and refinish the floors.  We kept the appliances for now, for budgetary reasons.


The Bathroom

I’m sorry I don’t have a before picture for this room!  Honestly, I think its because it was so gross.  The fact that it had 50 year old red carpeting in it should tell you all you need to know.

Here is what we did:  Refinished floors, painted the walls BM “Edgecomb Grey” and the cabinets BM “Simply White.”  We got new pulls for the cabinets too.  We got a simple sink from Habitat for Humanity Restore.  We cleaned up the original tub and put subway tile on the walls of a shower.  We got a new toilet (duh!).  We put up salvaged fixtures with school house shades.  I think the result is clean, fresh and simple.



The sconce in this photo was found in the basement of the house next to ours.  It had been sitting in box below a leaky pipe for a long time and was really rusted.  I scrubbed the fixture with steal wool and spray painted it with Rustoleum.  The white shade was also very discolored with rust, and it didn’t come out when I washed it.  I let it soak overnight in diluted CLR and all the rust disappeared!



The Bedroom



This room just required painting, refinishing the floors and a new light fixture.  The fixture that was in here only had a pull chain- no switch.  We decided to put in a ceiling fan, and use the remote as the light switch!


The Dining and Living Rooms:


The rooms had faux-wood paneling, red carpet and 1970s fixtures.


We painted, refinished the floors, cleaned and put in antique lights that my husband rewired.  The walls and the windows make the room.


This was a lot of work, and we have often reflected that most of what we have done is take things OUT of the house.  Carpet, lights, dirt, garbage, random stuff, etc, etc.  The house is slowing starting to resemble the beauty she originally was built to be.  I can’t wait to see her enjoyed as a home again.