The Hall…. is still not done (and other stuff)

Hello!  I guess it’s been a month or four since my last entry and a whole lot of life (not so much house work) has happened since my last post.

Here is a brief run down on the Hall Project:

The two windows have been restored!  Hardware stripped, new sash cords attached.  They now work great and close and latch perfectly, cutting down on the draft.  The only thing that was really wrong with them was too much paint.  I’ll post more pictures at another time, but I have say I never get tired of stripping hardware.  Just look at that adorable little pull showing off its original copper finish.  For decades it was covered in chipping paint.


Here you can see that we have started to paint the upstairs trim.  We chose “Gunsmith Gray” from the Williamsburg collection and are so happy with it.  This weekend, I am going to be painting the rest of the trim upstairs.  It is pretty clear that this trim may have always been painted, and probably the second color we found was a really nice gray that we wanted to bring back.

Well, we had finally finished stripping and refinishing the trim along the stairs and around the two windows and doorways in the hall and were so ready to be done.  But then we realized that we really had to strip the doorway at the bottom of the stairs as well.  There was no question that we must.  But we really didn’t want to!  Ugh… stripping wood is so much work.

This time, instead of starting with a stripping agent, we used our heat gun (on the low setting) and got most of the paint off fairly easily.  We used stripper to get the bits remaining, washed with an after strip agent and were ready to sand and shellac.  We found this to be a faster method and will use this approach in the future.  Just look at that pretty doorway framing the entrance to the kitchen.  Man, it was worth every bit of work- ant that photo is before the shellac was applied!


After (way) too much thought about paint colors, I went with my gut…. white.  Specifically Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls, which is a very nice warm, creamy white.  I love how the newly refinished woodwork and artwork stand out against it.


Looking down… The Moe light fixture is a little eclectic for our old girl, but we love it and paid only $5 for it, which makes us love it even more.



The pretty doorway in amber shellac; photo bomb by Hobbes, the cat.

So that’s what where we are with the Hall Project as of this morning.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, we will have the cap to the baseboard back in place, and I will have two coats of paint on the trim upstairs.

When we haven’t been working on the house this winter, we have been doing things like celebrating Christmas, taking a dream vacation to Disney World with our kids and my parents, and once I even got the whole house cleaned and hosted a Julia Child Themed dinner party!  Enjoy the pretty pictures below!

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