I don’t even know where to begin with all that has been going down around this place.  We have been working HARD doing things like pouring porch footings, scrubbing tobacco residue off of popcorn ceiling, tearing up carpeting, pulling thousands of staples and throwing away piles of trash.  My mind spins all day long, trying to prioritize and balance our housing deadlines with my 2 other jobs, and my 3 kids.  My body aches at night, and I have lost weight, I think because there isn’t as much time to eat.  This has been rough.  It has also been fun.  Little by little, we are loving these houses back to life.










Next we painted the faux wood paneling.  We don’t have time to see what is underneath… for now, the paneling stays.  The color we chose is “Dorian Grey” by Sherwin Williams.  PS- check out these vent covers!!!

Could the paneling be doing any LESS for these windows?


In other news, I lugged my vacuum upstairs one day and realized I COULD NOT vacuum the ugly stained shag carpeting one more time.  My husband had told be to absolutely NOT tear up the carpeting until we had time to address the mess that was likely to be under it.  I considered this.  Then I just tore up one tiny corner to see what was underneath.  Then I tore it all up. 

Is it in rough shape?  Kind of.  Is it better than the carpeting?  ABSOLUTELY. 

Back at Old School, we indulged ourselves in the luxury of paying someone to refinish the wood floors (this is getting EXCITING!)  Note: the main entry living room has wider planks than all of the other rooms (even the kitchen and bedrooms).  WHY??


We still need to paint kitchen and bath, tile the shower, find a new sink and dishwasher, hang new (salvaged) light fixtures and get the new furnace put in, but THEN, hopefully by Dec 1, someone will be enjoying this lovely space (and paying us for the pleasure!)

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