Weekend Progress




Tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, kohlrabi, onions, lettuce and spinach are in!

Dead Man Walking

Just a few blocks away from our house, big changes are coming. An entire block of historic ( run down) homes has been demolished, and luxury condos will rise to take their place. One by one, the homes went down, until there was just one.


Every day, I would drive by, thinking it would be the last time I saw the house. But for weeks, it still stood. Dead Man Walking, I would think to myself.

It was eerie. This big beauty on the hill stood, but any day, would be knocked down. I knew that once upon a time, it had been someone’s dream house. Once upon a time, it was well cared for and loved. No doubt children had run down its halls and played in the yard.

I emailed the county historical society, and they were able to provide me this picture, probably taken in the 40’s.


It was built in 1890 for Theodore H. Brison.

Finally one day, I drove by to see this.


It was gone.