Bedrooms Painted!


After giving the kitchen a deep-cleansing scrub, our first task was to repaint all 4 bedrooms before moving in.  Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 of them were painted-on wallpaper.  At this point, I was not up to the task of peeling back a decades worth of paper, so we stripped what had begun to bubble and peel already, and then just put another coat on top of the wallpaper for now.  SOMEDAY we will do it right.  🙂

Room #1:  Claire’s room (aka the maid’s room/nursery)

This is the smallest bedroom in the house, and at first we were going to have both girls put their beds in here and use a different bedroom for their toys, desks and “stuff.”  But my 7 year old is ready for her own space, to the point that she willingly took the closet-less maid’s bedroom.  At least it has some cool ceiling lines, and it is big enough for a twin bed, a desk and a dresser.  The paint we chose was “Sea Anemone” by Glidden.


The original color was ok- but not the light, bright, cheery color we needed for a little girl


Once you start… it is hard to stop. My mom and Claire stripping the wallpaper off one of the walls


The walpaper we found underneath was in perfect condition. I am guessing it is from the 30’s or 40’s? Looks like this was a nursery. If I had been doing this room for a younger child, I would have definitely left this on at least one wall. Love the grey background.


The light is so bad! It actually looks much better than this- I love how it turned out.


Room #2: It was painted a grape color on every wall. Even the ceiling was purple! Since this was to be my son’s room, painting it was a no-brainer.

IMG_0415I chose Sherwin Williams “Pure White” for the walls and ceiling and “Sea Serpent” also by SW for the bottom of the walls.


Bedroom #3: The princess room. This room is a to-die-for little girls dream bedroom. Luckily, I had the perfect little girl for the room. The room was painted a dark chocolate brown, which when combined with the lack of a working light fixture in the room, made for very little light, which was a cryin’ shame in a room like this.


We painted the room “Pure White” by Sherwin Williams. It would have been beautiful in many colors, but because my daughter has a lot of bright accessories for her room, I thought using a white background would make these things pop.



Bedroom #4: The Master. Was painted a medium sage-green (even the ceiling!) Not working for me.


After a coat of flat white on the ceiling, “Decorator’s White” on the trim, and “Sweet Innocence” (all by Benjamin Moore) on the walls, it was much lighter and brighter.


What I really wish I had a picture of, is the amazing team of friends and family that helped me get these rooms painted over a couple weeks time.  I like to paint, but four rooms was daunting.  I invited a group of friend over, served them coffee in the morning and soup for lunch, and they just went to town.  I was so thankful.  It prompted me to think about how we don’t need to conquer hard tasks alone.  We are meant to share each others burdens; even small ones like bedrooms with bad paint jobs 🙂