Update- the Hall is not done yet


Here is a quick update on our Hall.

We finished stripping the stairs and had it sanded.  This is what it looked like:


Really rough.  Lots of dark nail holes.  We knew that it would be aged in appearance, but we worried that it was so light with such dark defects, that it would look too rustic for our somewhat fancy house.

The type of wood used for the stairs does not seem to be as high a grade as the wood used for the trim.  We think there is a chance that these stairs were carpeted originally, thus there was no need for nice wood.

So the question was… what color to stain the stairs so it would blend in with the trim.  I posed the question to a couple of historic home owning social media sites I belong to and I had one person recommend using “golden oak” stain, and she had photos to prove it.

Golden Oak?


We tried it.

She was right.

It looked awesome.

Want to see?

Here are photos of after we stained it:

And here it is with 3 coats of oil based polyurethane:




We are so happy.  Look at that beautiful wood!  Can you believe that it was hiding under this?



Up next:

  1. Finish sanding the trim on the window and apply shellac
  2. Paint the windows we have removed, put in new sash cords (asap because Winter is coming!)
  3. Paint the trim upstairs
  4. Paint the wall color (but first I have to pick colors!)