Work Day

No, this isn’t a bathroom reveal post.  I appologize, but we are having an outlet cover issue over here, and there is no way I am going to reveal my after pictures with a missing outlet cover.  The issue is that the space between the tile and the bottom of the medicine cabinet is too narrow for a standard outlet cover.  If anyone out there has any advice to offer, please do!

We have been having way too much fun this month.  Traveling, family reunions, ice cream trips, lake days, concerts in the park, trips to the movies… all bad news, I tell you!  We have not had a “productive” day in what seems like forever.  This is all tongue in cheek (sort of).  We are raising 3 kids in this house, and summertime is a special time not only for restoring a Victorian house, but also for being a kid.  And so, we have been busy with the business of merrymaking.

Until today.

We had nothing scheduled!  So we had the kids sleep at Grandma’s house to allow us to be productive at the crack of dawn.  That was my plan.  My husband slept till 7 cuz he’s a slacker.

Today’s work was not at all glamerous or fancy.  It was a day of good old fashioned sweaty manual labor.

Job #1:  Weed/ cut down trees in the “nook” (AKA place I like to pretend does not exist).  It is a little cut out part of the house that is cut off from our back yard by a fence and can only be reached by a narrow walkway along the side of our house.  And was filled with boulders, volunteer trees, weeds, rotted wood, and trash.  This is why I like to pretend it does not exist.  But today was the day I had to deal with it.

Before:  20150725-202616.jpg

After:  20150725-202528.jpg

You may notice the collapsed retaining wall.  This in not on our to-do list, because it is not our wall.  The owners of the wall are at odds with us as to when/if it will be fixed.  Fun times!

Job #2:  Clear out weeds along the fence.  I did not take a before picture of the weeds/trees along the fence in the front yard.  I did take a picture of a little suprise found amongst them:


My naughty chicken has been escaping the back yard to lay ELEVEN eggs in this nice little nest!

Speaking of chickens, we got two new Buff Orpingtons this week:


Anyways, under all of the weeds/trees was a pile of about 30 quartzite boulders that we did not need.  Craiglist to the rescue!  They were gone in an hour.


After:  20150725-202538.jpg

Better.. still ugly and in need of attention, but better.

Job #3:  More scraping


This is back in the “nook.”  The last area of siding that needs painting.  My goal is to get this painted by the end of the week.

We worked 12 solid hours, pausing only to deal with a fun backed up floor drain in the basement!  15 minutes and $100 later, all was well down there 😦

Those were my jobs.  My husband was busy with a job of his own… at long last we are getting ready to pour new cement steps!!!

Thanks to youtube and google images, he learned how to do something new today: