A freshened up Hall

Recent wallpaper-themed posts by two of my favorite boggers (Ross and Amy) reminded me that I never recorded the freshening-up of the Hall in Old School.


Here is the hall when we purchased the house:


Here is a better look.  We removed the carpet and found brownish black old linoleum.  

The first step (after emptying if of all the STUFF) was to scrub the walls.  The walls had been skim coated many years ago (I’m thinking 50 years ago) and this was separating from the walls in many spots.


I wasn’t looking forward to the task of scraping these parts off, but my attitude improved considerably when I started to uncover wallpaper!!

I think this silvery pattern may be the original paper.

  Next came this fabulous, bold red pattern!



It was so much fun imagining this pattern and color wall to wall, greeting the family and guests upon arrival.

The next layer is my favorite:



I think this pattern would be lovely today. I wonder when it was put up… I am thinking possibly in the 1920s or 30s.  

After making sure to take lots of pictures, and saving the large scraps of papers as keepsakes, I another skim coat on the walls to even them out.


I painted the walls the same color as the main level, “Dorian Grey” by Sherwin Williams.

We also added a pendant light and shade that we found in the basement (rewired of course).  I think there is a chance that this is where it started out in the first place.

We added a parlor table found in the basement and it there you go- a freshened up hall.


2 thoughts on “A freshened up Hall

  1. Glen Anderson says:

    Alvin Delong was my uncle by marriage. His best friend was Clarence Delong who lived at 636 S Dakota Avenue which I think is near you. I don’t know how they were related but they called each other cousin. Amazing amount of ambition you have.

  2. Seth Hoffman says:

    Looks great! I always enjoy seeing that rich stained millwork, and the gray you chose compliments it well. I’m often surprised how well cool tones can look with stained wood. We have stained millwork throughout our house, and have gray and blue walls in some rooms, which look quite nice. Most of our wall color choices were warmer colors, which are generally safer choices with natural wood.

    I’d like to try wallpaper someday, but as of now, my wife is not a fan.

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