The Powder Room Project: The Sink, Towel Bar and Mirror

Oh, I just looove a vintage sink.  Beautiful, imperfect, and so much cheaper than a new one.  We found the sink we used for the powder room over a year ago.


When we bought it, it was missing faucet handles and eusctcheons.


The guy we bought it from (for $40) told us it would be no problem to find those missing pieces.  He was wrong.  Handles, no probelm.  Eusctcheons?  It turned out they are one and a million and finding the exact one to fit our sink was just about impossible.  Trust us.  We looked for them here:


Bauer Brother Salvage in Minneapolis.  If we were going to find our eusctcheons, it would have been here.

So, instead of spending $200+ on an entirely new faucet, we decided to find an entirely new vintage sink!  You have to be patient with things like this, but eventually,  you find just what you need:  Another vintage sink for cheap!


Now we had two- turns out they were long lost twins!


This picture was taken after we switched out the faucets.  We thought the old sink was in slightly better condition, so we just moved the handles and euscteons from the new to the old.  Easy!

Once they switcheroo had taken place, I had to clean up the bottom of the sink:


Before cleaning


After a good scrubbing and sanding


It’s nice to know when your sink’s birthday is.  This one is almost exactly 1 year older than my dad.

Next was painting the bottom with Ben Moore’s Advance paint in black.

Then we hung it on the wall!


There she is, in all of her beautiful imperfection.


Now for something for the towels to hang on.  By some miracle, what I believe to be the original towel bar was hanging by the refrigerator in our kitchen (tucked right in by the wall, where it was basically unusable and hidden).  We pried it off and stripped it!IMG_3816


This is so exciting!


Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!  It is so simple and so perfect.

Next up was a mirror for above the sink.  It turns out my friend/neighbor was cleaning out his attic last fall and found this mirror.  “Do you want it?” he asked?  “It’s free.”  Ummmm…. Yes.


That will do.

After all that, all that was left was to find some $3 hand towels and TJ Maxx and call it done.


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