Birthday Gift

My husband knows me so well.

Case in point:  This is what was glowing above my kitchen sink the morning of my birthday:


It is a pendant light that came out of the Dakota Hospital For The Insane!  Isn’t that deliciously scandalous?!? (For a light).  And I just love the simplicity of it.  Some day, perhaps soon, we will buy a shade for it, but I want to take a little time to figure out what would look best.


These pictures also give a glimpse at a modest kitchen re-do that we are just beginning.  It started with finding this kitchen cabinet.  This winter I am going to be painting the trim “Spotswood Teal” and I have already painted the walls “Frostwork.”  It is a sad fact that 100% of our woodwork is painted, and some day I hope to strip some of it, but one day it occurred to me… painted woodwork doesn’t have to be WHITE!  I am loving this new bold trim. What do you think??


2 thoughts on “Birthday Gift

  1. Tom Schnabel says:

    I like the trim color and the walls. The light needs just the right shade; perhaps a slightly fluted semi globe would look good, but one would have to see it to know for sure.

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