Important things

Important things happened here last week.

Last week marked the end of the green siding.


Dad and I tackled the North Nook and got it 100% painted- trim and all. The lower level of the house is done! Yes!!!!! Now *all* that is left is trimming the upper level. Which, when you are priming and trimming a Victorian roofline + turret roof 4 different colors, ’tis no small thing.


Another great accomplishment is that we now have steps!20150802-205519.jpg

Lance + Cement Mixer + 2 Dads= Steps! The previous steps were original and were crumbling even before the lift ran over them to access our roof for shingling.

Another important thing that happened this weekend did not happen on our property. It happened in our neighborhood. We painted our city’s first street murals, along with our neighbors and others from the community.

20150802-205532.jpg 20150802-205538.jpg

20150802-205553.jpg 20150802-205618.jpg

20150802-205631.jpg 20150802-205721.jpg

Sometimes, my kids (and myself if I’m honest) ask “why did we move here?” I felt that as I jogged past our old house in a quiet, suburban-feeling neighborhood on Friday night. Why did we leave this place for the one we are living in now?


The next morning, when I joined other like-minded families and individuals to create something beautiful in the middle of an intersection in a run-down part of our neighborhood, I remembered why. Because we live here, we were able to create something vibrant, bold and beautiful in a place that was lacking. Neighbors came together purposefully in order to accomplish a goal and in order to get to know the people who we share our streets with. And THAT is why we live here.

Finally, the other important things that were done this weekend weren’t “accomplished.” They were just experienced and enjoyed.

On Saturday night, Lance got to play cards with his buddies in the screened in porch we cleaned out and repaired:


And on Sunday, after street murals and church, we enjoyed family time- the library and a puppet show performance, the toy store, shopping and dinner out. No work- just fun and time together. That’s important too.



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