In case I have been giving the impression that owning this house is nothing but warm fuzzies…

I couldn’t sleep last night.

This house is stressing me out.  I even had to get up and take Tums.

So many projects are undone… or waiting to be begun.  How in the world are we supposed to do this in a timely fashion on our DIY budget?  And how are we supposed to work and raise three kids while we do it????

In my mind, we had until the end of March… maybe even mid-April to finish up our winter projects- the bathroom and some main-level rooms that we put a new coat of paint on the walls and had planned to put up picture rail.

The early Spring made our inside projects come to a sudden halt.  We had to abandon all of those projects and focus on what was happening on the exterior.

Last weekend, I looked at my Facebook feed and saw pictures of families outside hiking, playing outside, at grill-outs.  I wanted that to be us.  I wanted to be done with even just ONE project!

Sometimes the kids were farmed out on play-dates, sometimes they were crying and driving us crazy because they were so bored and we never do ANYTHING.  We reminded them that just last week we flew them across the country for a beach vacation.   This did not make them feel any better for themselves.

As I reflected on my stress/guilt/anxiety last night.  I started to understand that the only way we will come through this with out either debt, neglected kids or half-assed work is to take it s.l.o.w.  One day at a time.  Learn to live with and leave some mess.  Take a break.  It’s just a house.  This will be my new mantra.

With that… I leave you with a few “behind the scenes” pictures.  I hope they don’t stress you out too much…


The paint in our kitchen, butlers pantry and future powder room is peeling away from the plaster in sheets.


The result of a teeny, tiny leak in the bathtub plumbing. It leaked for a couple weeks before the ceiling was saturated enough to leak.


Remains of our hackberry trimmings lay in our bare-dirt back yard. The plan is to put in an irrigation system and sod this Spring.


Remember the bathroom renovation? This is why there has been no “end result” post yet. We still need to refinish an old dresser that will house a drainboard sink.


Picture rail waiting to be sanded and stained. It’s been on the library floor since February.


The icing on the cake. Our front yard. It all needed to be redone anyways.. we have amazing 125 year old pavers we salvaged last summer for this job.


2 thoughts on “Undone

  1. amyheavilin says:

    You said in an earlier post that the house is on the National Register? That means you are eligible for federal (and perhaps, in your State, State) tax credits. Make sure you are taking advantage of those – that’s one of the ways that we are able to help fund our restoration!

  2. ovedia says:

    Hi Amy! We did get a Deadwood Fund Grant, which is a matching grant that helped us to replace rotted siding and retuck our foundation! The best part is that we can keep applying for this, little by little, as we have a project we want to do/ can afford. I’m thinking windows might the next step 🙂

    As far as tax credits, I’m not sure we are improving the house enough so as to increase it’s value, as far as the city is concerned… I might have to revisit that.

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