The Sun is Shining… Time To Make Some Hay

Just when it looked like we could take a deep breath and fiddle around with the finishing touches of the bathroom project, Spring decided to show up a little early.

Our contractor called.  Time to start on our exterior project- new cedar shake siding!  This was exciting, very good news… except that the warmth was only going to last for a finite time, and we had 152 8-foot pieces of cedar shake siding to prime (both sides) and paint (one side).  Thats (152 x 3) x 8 feet boards= 3,648 feet of siding to paint in 3.5 days.  And we had children to feed and a business to run besides.  With the help of our dads and chocolate cake for supper, we got it done on time. The first side of the house has new siding and it looks absolutely wonderful.  So clean!  So shiny!  We will have to paint the trim boards another time, but we have plenty of motivation now.








2 thoughts on “The Sun is Shining… Time To Make Some Hay

  1. thatgirlwhoreadsbooks says:

    Glad to see you’re in love with this house. I briefly rented a room here and fell in love with it, too. I am the culprit for painting the turret room brown. It was supposed to be a much, much softer shade, mind you, but my roommate and I bought it and there was no turning back once it was mixed….

  2. ovedia says:

    How interesting! I’ll have to say the cocoa brown walls in such a feminine room puzzled me 🙂 I didn’t know rooms in the house were rented out recently. All of the rooms were rented out to the wives of airmen during WW2. Glad you found my blog!

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