All Clean.

The week before school let out for Christmas break, I hosted a Christmas Coffee for some friends.  I usually do something like this before Christmas so that I have a chance to get things really clean, all at once.  This helps me to relax and enjoy the season so much more.  Before my friends arrived, I spent a few minutes documenting what our house looks like when it’s clean… it doesn’t happen very often!


The living room. I can’t wait to replace the mustard paint with something much, much lighter and fresher- I’m thinking white!


The Butler’s Pantry/ Bathroom. The original cupboards and sink are one of my favorite parts about the house. I am so, so, so thankful that they have stayed through the generations. With our remodeling in the New Year, the toilet will be moving out into a new powder room, allowing this room to serve it’s original purpose- as an extension of the kitchen. New paint, refinished original plank flooring and more storage are in store for this room.


Our “Keeping Room.” Originally we had this as our dining room, but then decided to make it more of a room for socializing, computer time and casual dining at the counter. Great move. We love it this way.


The view of our kitchen from the keeping room.


Computer and desk in the keeping room


The new Dining Room


Claire’s room- the quilt on the bed is one her great-grandma (and name sake) made for her daddy.


Fisher’s Room. Loft bed and lego table made by Dad.


Holland’s Room. Sigh. I wish it was mine 🙂


Our room. The quilt on my bed was made by may great-grandma out of my great-grandpa’s old suits.

The house looked like this for about 24 hours and then was back to it’s usual tousled self.  Now, we are in the middle of bathroom demo and renovation… we are without a shower or bathtub for at least a week!


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