First Christmas



I hosted a Christmas Coffee for some friends at our house today.  It provided me a great incentive for really cleaning the house.  Putting every little thing in its place.  Many of the friends who visited had not yet seen the house, but heard plenty about it, and so I wanted to make it shine.  And I think it did.  It doesn’t take very close inspection to see all of hundreds of flaws… nicks in the wall and paint.  A loose railing.  A light that has come out of the wall.  Duct tape covering up a hole in the wall.  And yet the house shines on… its windows let the sun shine in, and the high ceilings create a feeling of grandeur.  I think just the feeling of history and time make the house feel special.

It was so much fun to decorate this Old Lady for the Christmas season.  It seems that Victorian houses were created with this time of year in mind.


Lance recently finished building the storm windows pictured here. The window was so drafty and our couch sits directly in front of it. Based on a picture we have of the house from the 1940’s, we could see the basic style of the original storms. Not only does it make our living room more comfortable, I just love the look it adds to the front of the house.


I made this wreath. Except for the bow. My sister-in-law had to take over for me, as I was about to have a meltdown over it. Tying wreath-worthy bows takes skills that that I do not possess.


The living room. I love the greenery along the windows- it helps to draw attention to our high ceilings.


Even the butler’s pantry got a little Christmas decor. My favorite thing in this picture is the new Ikea roller blind that we added to the window. It let so much more light into the little room. Because it faces the back of an ugly apartment house, it’s not really a view we ever need to see. But the sunlight is much appreciated.


Coffee Filter Christmas trees made by my girls


Coffee filter snowflakes 🙂


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