Picking Out Exterior Paint… Send Help.

Our house from the curb…  Looks pretty good, right?



Unfortunately, the closer you get, the worse it looks.





Time to repaint!  We have quite a project ahead of us… But first things first…  What colors do we use??






3 thoughts on “Picking Out Exterior Paint… Send Help.

  1. Colleen Nilson says:

    From the 1970’s – 1990’s our parents enjoyed having our home painted medium gray with white trim and a red front door. (I have many pictures!!) It will be exciting to see what color/colors you pick! I love seeing new colors on our old family home (and it’s wonderful knowing she is being well cared for!) One thing about a Queen Anne, they can carry almost any color combination, which adds to the fun of choosing the paint 🙂

    You have probably already done so, but one thing I love to do is drive through the historic neighborhoods and check out the paint color combinations on the Victorians. It’s an easy way to actually see the colors on a large scale and not just on a paint swatch or on the Internet.

    Have fun and enjoy!!

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