We went treasure hunting in the crawl space last night.  Actually, my husband did, and actually, he was inspecting the foundation (because I was being paranoid and he loves me).  The foundation is (still) fine, and he brought up treasures when he emerged for the deep!




In the back left is an original mason jar.  There are two more canning jars labeled “Reid, Murdoch & Co., Chicago “.  There are two cold cream jars, one still containing cold cream!  Other items include a squirt gun, a glass, and a metal jug that was originally painted red with lettering (maybe a gas can?)


Violet Dulce cold cream.  I found an ad online for this dating 1915.

Probably the most valuable pieces we found were two tins.  One used to hold 1916 Lucky Strike cigarettes, and one still holds “regal rose talcum power” (it’s pink!)



Both would sell for around $40 on eBay, from what I can tell.

But to us, the most crazy awesome discovery was that of the original crown molding and picture rail!!!!  Woot!!!  




I knew knew there had to have been a picture rail originally, given the era of the house, but also because you can still see a faint line all the way around the living room, right where the picture rail would have been.ImageThe cornice, or crown molding.  Such a treasure.  We are so pumped to be able to have the original pieces of the architecture of our home.  We can’t wait to use these artifacts in restoration efforts yet to come.



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