Weekend Planning

This weekend we made a little more headway on clearing out for the coop.  At the bottom of all of the leaves and branches, we found a 5’x7′ cement pad.  Not sure what we are going to do about this- probably not ideal for chickens.  Busting up all of that concrete just added another dimension to the work we have to do.

And the chickens are coming in 2 weeks!!!!  I ordered 4 ameraucanas (blue eggs) and 4 black australorpes (brown eggs).  Both breeds are supposed to be very hearty, good egg layers, gentle and friendly.

A trip to the library provided some very applicable reading material for us:


Oh!  I also made a VERY exciting (to me) discovery:


I do believe this is a rhubarb plant making an appearance!  I have always wanted  a rhubarb plant!  Things like this make me so happy.


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