This is happening.

In November, I emailed my husband the real estate listing for this house:



I did not do this with the intention of actually pursuing its purchase.  Emailing him listings for old houses is just something I DO.  Living in an old house has been a dream for as long as I can remember.  I love anything that is old and has a story behind it.  If I had drawn a picture of my childhood “dream house,” it would have looked like this house.  But buy it?  No.  We were already living in a beautiful, convenient 1960s ranch in a great, safe neighborhood.  My kids’ piano teacher lived across the street and the bus dropped them off around the corner.  I stopped thinking about the house.  Until we saw the “open house” sign.  Once my husband and I stepped inside the house, it was over.  We purchased the house a week before Christmas and will move in very soon.


 This blog will tell the story of how we make this beauty our own and how we preserve it for the family who falls in love with it 125 years from now.


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